The laws governing non-profit organizations have similarities to their for-profit counterparts, but non-profit laws and regulations contain many requirements and restrictions that are unique.  Furthermore, religious organizations continue to face their own distinct challenges – especially in recent decades.

Since 2009, Michelle A. Adams has specialized in the nuanced area of tax-exempt public charities, assisting Christian ministries domestically and abroad through their initial stages of formation as nonprofit entities in the United States, the process of obtaining federal income tax exemption, and the related ongoing compliance and governance issues.

Michelle obtained a B.A. in International Business & Global Economics from Cedarville University and a J.D. from Regent University.  Since then, Michelle has assisted numerous religious humanitarian and evangelistic organizations. Michelle is a member of the State Bar of Idaho and State Bar of Georgia.  She currently resides in beautiful Boise, Idaho with her husband (and two mischievous cocker spaniels).